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Is It Monday Already

Is It Monday Already?!
197 Tools and Tips to Start Living Happier at Work

Do you dread going into work every Monday? Do the ongoing people, processes and policy struggles increase your stress and reduce your happiness? Are you tired of the dysfunctional work routine and want to feel happier at the job?

Help has arrived! Wilma Jones delivers practical advice to improve work environments and improve worker happiness and productivity.

– 4 research-proven tools to make you happier at work
– Simple, effective cubicle workplace etiquette tips
– Strategies for building better workplace connections
– Helps managers develop more productive teams with happier employees

Full of stories and anecdotes, Is It Monday Already?! Offers a refreshing strategy to deal with unhappiness with your job, addressing office issues and how to develop a more harmonious work environment.

Amazon Reviews

Donnetta Shelton

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great tips to survive & thrive at work!

Format: Paperback July 18, 2016

“Is it Monday already?!” is a fantastic guide to how to best survive and thrive in corporate america. This workplace “bible” should be put in every new hire packet at all jobs. It include very practical but important tips on items such as networking, communication, conflict resolution as well as other very practical elements of the workplace. Not only are the tips great, but the easy to digest and easy to implement suggestions make this book a hit. Every HR manager should consider adding this to the suggested employee reading list, right after the company policy manual.

D. Rogers

5.0 out of 5 stars
The author tapped in to the frequent mundane feeling we all face come Sunday evening and you know that same old office job you’v

Format: Paperback July 19, 2016

Is It Monday Already?! captured my attention instantly. The author tapped into the frequent mundane feeling we all face come Sunday evening and you know that same old office job you’ve poured your best days into awaits you with no sign of change, improvement, suitable pay, or room for modern day growth. Yet we all need our jobs. The author Wilma Jones didn’t just write a book, she lived it. She spoke to me and millions of other readers and we knew right away. Yes! Yes! Finally, someone gets me! I was pulled in. I began to visualize the author sitting in a small cubicle like myself, with voices of burned out co-workers, the smell of bad coffee, and dreading her next meeting. I wondered what fueled her decision to take everything that challenged her and use it as catalyst for success. Lucky for me the tools I needed so badly lied within the pages of this life changing book. I owe so much to the day I purchased the book Is It Monday Already?! It has changed my life. I highly recommend it for everyone.

Karmeta Mosley

5.0 out of 5 stars Steps to a “Happier” work life

Format: Paperback July 20, 2016

As a HR professional I’m constantly seeking new ways to train and motivate employees.
“Is it Monday Already” is a comprehensive step by step approach to managing relationships in the workplace while cultivating productivity. We can all find ourselves victim to a mundane work life while succumbing to redundant daily tasks and stressful work environments but this book gives you quiet affirmation that you are not alone. Professional discomfort and workplace unhappiness is extremely common in today’s workforce therefore reeducation of the mind is crucial to our success. “Is it Monday Already” offers a clear window to change the way you see the world, your business, and the opportunities in front of you. This book is the key that opens the door to a happy and successful work life while offering key insight into how to stay engaged while increasing your value. Maybe it’s the Marine in me but chapter 23 “Basic Training” is my new workplace Bible! This book is filled with practical and insightful steps that will lead you to a sure fire future of success.

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Arlington Virginia History…From the Black Side

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About Wilma Jones
About Wilma Jones

Wilma Jones is an author, speaker, civic activist, community leader, local historian and the CEO of Wilma J, LLC a business consulting company.

About is a virtual space for people who want to learn more about Arlington VA history, told from the perspective of a local Black historian. Wilma Jones, a fourth generation resident of the Halls Hill neighborhood in Arlington is the author of "My Halls Hill Family: More Than a Neighborhood," and the children's picture book, "Little Michael Visits Fire Station 8. "

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