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“The workshop was awesome, I believe it will help our culture due to senior staff being present.”
“I love your enthusiasm, it was so easy to see how this applies with your passion.”
“I liked showing evidence of why this is a good method, also you are a great speaker with great energy.”
“Action steps and real life exercises were most valuable.”
“Great energy, great info.”
“Learning how to meditate (at work) was very helpful. Also the info on how to send emails to coworkers.”

Join the virtual Halls Hill community

Join the Virtual Halls Hill Community!

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About Wilma Jones
About Wilma Jones

Wilma Jones is an author, speaker and the CEO of Wilma J, LLC, a business consulting company. Wilma teaches people the tools to develop a positive mindset in order to accomplish more both professionally and personally. She’s dynamic, funny, insightful and for real.

About is a virtual space for people who want to reminisce, connect, collaborate, share and smile as they read, see and experience the magic of the Halls Hill neighborhood. The book, My Halls Hill Family centers on my family and our experience on Halls Hill from the early 1900’s through the 1960’s. Halls Hill really was more than a neighborhood.

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